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Why do I need Merchant Services?

Why do I need a card machine?

It is crucial for a business to accept different payment types to satisfy every potential customers needs. As a business owner, you would have been approached by a merchant services company at one point in time, but you may not even know what merchant services are. In the simplest form, the term “merchant services” is used to describe payment processing, or services that enable a business to accept electronic payments.

In today’s market place, you need to have the ability to accept payment by a variety of means. You have to be able take payments in all forms. There is little point trying to sell your products/services to someone if you do not have the means to accept the payment!

Opening up a merchant account gives your business the means of accepting customer payments by all means necessary.


Who should I go to for my merchant account (card machine)?

Opening a merchant account is an important decision. Here are 3 tips to help you along the way:


  1. Understand the fees involved

There are a wide variety of fees that you will have to pay as the Merchant Account holder. Aside from the usual transaction and minimum payment fees, you will be expected to pay a range of additional fees such as monthly statement, nuisance and batch fees. Research the different fees, rates and fee structures before opening your account and pick the right one for your business.


  1. Research your provider


Each provider will present a selection of different services, with different support process, fee structure and account access options. Generally speaking, each provider will be geared towards a certain type of client so take your time and research prospective Merchant Account providers. Talk to their reps and choose the most appropriate provider for your company. Ask yourself is there a rep that is local to you, has he explained all the fees correctly, does he have local business owners to recommend him?




  1. Select the right type of merchant account

It may sound simple, but you need to select the right type of merchant account, or in some cases the right collection of merchant accounts. There are 3 main types of merchant accounts; Internet, mail order/telephone order and retail. An ecommerce store needs to have an Internet merchant account whilst a high-street store requires a retail merchant account. However, often you will need to have both, so be sure that your provider offers the right blend of services to match your individual requirements.




The choice of merchant account providers is vast so you need to have a clear strategy for what it is you need for your business. 

At First Payment Merchant Services our advisors are professional and knowledgeable. It’s not all about the sale, its customer service and customer experience that matter.

We have local advisors in every part of the UK, call us today on 01276 782205 and book an appointment with your local advisor.

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