What is an EPOS system?

//What is an EPOS system?

What is an EPOS system?

Regardless of if you are a new business or have been trading for a long period you will be wanting to hear the ring of your till. In a era of contactless cards and when money doesn’t mean cash and you are still rely on customers with cash then you are at risk…. EPOS System is a safeguard for your business.

Epos System
Epos System

How do EPOS Systems Work?

Very much however you want them to as EPOS Systems are very versatile and customisable. The technology allows you to accept all sorts of card and digital payment, all this requires is POS software and a card reader. EPOS systems also make portable payment systems a breeze, with their tech able to be squeezed into pocket-sized hardware, run on smartphones or loaded onto a laptop.

For large retailers, an EPOS can be made to work with barcode scanners, touchscreen input and weighing scales – all the technology you see in your local supermarket. But EPOS technology isn’t just for the big names and high street giants, powerful tech is just as applicable to the smallest business. EPOS is about convenience and efficiency, no matter how big or small your business is.

EPOS vs Standard Cash Tills?

If you are a cash-only business you run the very real risk of losing sales. The average consumer has less than £25 in cash at any time, they would be making any large purchases. Not only is the cash-only approach crippling to your sales figures, it also gives the impression of your business being old fashioned.

So, how is an EPOS different to a standard cash till? With a Standard Cash till your business will remain in the past whilst your competitors embrace technology and grow.

The key reasons you should get your business equipped with an EPOS system:

Epos System

They don’t have to be expensive

That’s a pretty good argument.

Cash registers are rarely cheap and require regular maintenance.

They’re fast

Waiting for customers to get the correct amount out from their purse/wallet, dealing with change, or even human error that may end up with customers being short-changed or given too much change.

EPOS systems make it all digital. You pay by card or digital wallet – just press your phone or contactless card to the reader, or type in your PIN – and that’s it.

Process new payment methods

Contactless cards, Apple & Android Pay, even traditional Chip and Pin means your EPOS will do far more than an old-fashioned cash register ever could. Which means you’ll also be making far more sales.

Epos System
Epos System
Epos System

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the ways our EPOS system could revolutionise your business, cut down your costs and boost up your sales:

  • Faster checkout: Less staff needed to man the tills equals lower overheads and happier customers
  • Accurate, real-time inventory management: Our EPOS tracks your stock, so you can reducing the risk of waste or stagnant goods by always being on top of your stock
  • Improved customer experience: Accept any way customers want to pay and have their purchase complete in seconds
  • More accurate pricing: You can save discounts, happy hour deals and other offers within our EPOS, so your staff will always price things up correctly at the till and customers always get the deal they expect
  • Real-time sales analytics: Track sales by period or employee and get an unrivalled overview of what works best for your business, your customers and your sales figures

An EPOS is a small change that will make a huge difference to how easily and effectively you can achieve success in your business. Contact our sales team today to discuss your EPOS requirements

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