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Welcome to First Payment Merchant Services – Your local merchant service provider

Do you already accept cards?

Do you believe that you spend too much processing cards?

Do you find your statements confusing?

Have you ever had you rates increased?

Could you providers service be improved?

Would you like to upgrade you payment solution?

Is your credit card machine very slow?

Do you struggle with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then please dial 01276605690 and let us help you.

By moving to First Payment Merchant Services our customers have saved money as much as 46% on their current card processing rates whilst also experiencing an increase in support.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can reduce your rates and offer you a better level of service. By moving to First Payments you will save money, experience better service, understand you bills, never experience random price increases for payment processing, experience quicker transaction times and will be helped with PCI DSS.

All the above may sound great, but lets face it, it is a hassle to move providers so why would you bother? Well we have taken care of this as well.

The process is simple:

  • Meet your local advisor
  • Understand the savings, product and service offering
  • Join us
  • Receive your terminal (we will even come and plug it in for you)
  • Start saving!

Even if you are in a contract we will be able to help. Our in house support team will work through with you any contractual issues you may have and will walk you through the process of cancelling.

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