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Selecting the right card machine

Choosing the right card machine can be daunting so we have created this short guide to help you find a card machine that’s perfect for your business. We will explain the types on offer so you can get the most from yours.


What are the benefits of using a credit card terminal?

A card machine will open the market for your business as you can offer a variety of ways to accept payment. With an ever-increasing cashless society, a card machine will help you make the most of every sales opportunity. Many customers expect card payments to be an option wherever they go, so it’s important to offer this method of payments to ensure that you are not limiting your market.


Which credit card terminal is best for my business?

There are three main types of card machine – Fixed, Portable and Mobile. Selecting the correct type of terminal compliments your business.

Your card machine should accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. All of our card terminals support contactless payments, this method is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers. The more payment options you can offer the better it will be for your business.


Fixed card terminals

Fixed card machine work from a fixed location – perfect for businesses where transactions are processed from a dedicated sales counter.

Fixed card machines work via dial up (your phone line) or through an Ethernet cable (broadband). Additionally, a countertop card machine has a small footprint helping it fit neatly on most counters.



Portable card terminals

Portable card machines allow you to take the card terminal to your customers for payment.

They give you flexibility processing payments away from your counters within a wireless range. The use of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi technology allows the card machine to be removed from its docking station and taken to the customer for payment. By using this method, it offers quick payments for customers as they don’t have to wait at a single pay point with every other customer. These devices have a built-in battery which allows you to take payments all day long.



Mobile card terminals

Mobile card machines are perfect for taking payments on the move – for trade fairs, taxis, markets, or anywhere that you don’t have a fixed phone/broadband line.

Mobile card machines have a SIM card just like a mobile phone, so you can take the device out and about. The mobile terminal requires a phone signal in order for them to work. With so many different mobile providers across the UK offering different levels of coverage it’s impossible to say who would be most suitable. At First Payment Merchant Services our mobile card machines are installed with a roaming sim card which changes to different networks in order to get the best possible mobile signal.

Mobile xare machines are fast becoming the choice of many self employed driven organisations.





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