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Working in Partnership with Epos Now we believe all businesses, regardless of their size, can leverage the power of cloud technology to streamline their business operations.

This award winning systems has been affording retail businesses reducing costs, increasing profitability and peace of mind since start up in 2011.

Customers range from independent shops and boutiques to multi-site chains, to franchises with 100+ systems. Our comprehensive software is engineered to meet the demand of the service industry, improving service speeds, standards and the customer experience.

Choosing the right EPOS system for your business can be challenging, however bear in mind that this is an important business management tool, nowadays.

We will help you choose and implement right EPOS solution for your business.

Simple to use

You need to control your business without compromising the quality or speed of service. Our system delivers fast close tender keys, rapid reordering functions and quick tab-to-table order transfers for hotels and restaurants. Our system will ensure every item is sold for the correct price. Your staff will stop charging the wrong price (and/or stop guessing), and you can change those prices easily. Staff members can quickly switch between orders and can even be prompted to up-sell and cross sell with the inclusion of pop-up notes. Our system is so intuitive that a staff member can be fully trained in 15 minutes.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is providing retail business owners with more flexibility in how they run their businesses. The rise of mobile working means you can access your data, anytime, anywhere or any device, allowing you to run your business from your back pocket!

Cloud technology is the perfect partner to a growing business affording you unlimited scalability and protection for your data. The cloud also eliminates costly software upgrades and means your system will automatically be updated with every release. You’ll always have the most up to date software, without the additional price tag.

Remote management

You can access your entire system securely on any device from anywhere in the world! This allows you to monitor security, access accounting information, change pricing or run any kind of report. Just type in your username and password into the online portal on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac and you can check how your business is performing, whether you’re on holiday or out of the office.

Barcoding and Shelf-Edge Labels

Our Epos system gives any retailer the ability to print high quality barcodes, store promotions and shelf-edge labels easily. This ability to generate your own barcodes for your stock not only speeds up service time drastically, since staff spend less time searching for product details, but also ensures that your products are marked up in a professional manner with the price and SKU (Stock Taking Unit) details clearly displayed for the customer.


The competition to win customer loyalty is fierce. To fight this battle successfully, retailers must give customers a reason to choose them over their competitors. Promotions can be used as a great tool to increase turnover, boost margins, and reduce non-selling stock without a corresponding increase in marketing or advertising expenditure. Promotions keep your customers coming back again and again, boosting their loyalty and satisfaction with your brand. They are also great for attracting increased foot-traffic since passers-by will be more encouraged to pop in if they see an attractive offer on display. With our system, different promotions can be run at different locations at different times

Customisable Dashboard

Access and create customisable dashboards to get an instant overview of your entire business and receive real time product, sales and employee information on any device. Dashboard options include profitability, revenue, staff or product analysis by individual location, staff or the whole business. Create custom dashboards to show the most important KPIs for your business.

Epos Dashboard

Stock Control

Stocktakes can be performed in minutes rather than hours thanks to the inbuilt stock control module and any stock variances can be instantly highlighted with intelligent reporting. This will free up your time to focus on other important activities. Automatic minimum and maximum stock alerts can be set up on products to ensure that not only fast selling items never run out of stock, but that any cashflow tied up within stock is kept to an absolute minimum.

The system will warn you when stock has fallen below the minimum level to reduce supplier lead time and awkward “out-of-stock” conversations. Furthermore, the system will automatically compile purchase orders for your suppliers with all required stock on to save hours of paperwork and stock reconciliation. Without having to go into the back office or stock room, staff can get an instant visibility of stock at any location (even on back order) to help customers quickly get the product they want if it’s out of stock in one of the locations.

This will prevent customers from going to the store down the road or buying online instead. If your business has multiple locations the Epos system can give you an insight into stock levels per location and drastically reduce the hassle of moving stock between locations.

Employee management and security

Our systems drastically cut down on shrinkage (the inventory that disappears due to theft), waste and misuse by employees. A detailed record of all transactions on the system is logged. Not only can staff be given the option to sign in with pin codes or swipe cards, but they can also be allocated permissions and access rights to limit certain actions such as refunds, no-sales, voids and discounts.

Sales reporting with Epos system

Run powerful sales reports from anywhere, on any device to help you cut operational costs and highlight areas to increase profit margins and grow the business. Detailed sales reports make it much easier for you to keep the right stock on hand and by using historical data, you can better forecast your future needs.

Detailed sales data by item allows you to quickly validate actual stock against expected inventory levels, enabling you to pinpoint potential areas of waste and/or theft. Also, clear inventory information helps make purchasing requirements more accurate – not based on past experience or estimates.

By reviewing detailed sales reports you can focus on selling higher margin items and boost sales of those items by promoting them in addition to any under performing products. One example is to use the various employee reports to identify your top selling staff, in order to pick up their best selling practices then roll out these out to the rest of the team.

Accurate end of day

Your system can tell you how many of a particular product you have sold that hour, day, week or month, and exactly how much money you have in your cash drawer. A simple report can be run from any till point, home or head office and will summarise takings by both individual till point, till group or location. The end of day will effortlessly differentiate between tender types to aid reporting and accounting. The system even offers a ‘Blind End of Day’ function to further reduce chances of fraud and shrinkage.

Accounting & Payroll

The inbuilt accounting module will not only automatically run your quarterly and end of year tax and VAT returns but also calculate your profit, loss and operating margin in real time, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or over a custom time frame.

Another great feature is the clocking in/out function that not only logs the exact hours each member of staff works, but also calculates their gross pay. Epos Now is also fully integrated with the leading accounting packages, including Sage and Xero.
All sales, stock and product data automatically synchronises, saving you time and improving accuracy

Accounting & Payroll

Effortless product management

Easily add, edit and manage all your product information from any location and device. Enter essential information such as product code, cost price, supplier details, brand and RRP. The system also gives you the ability to bundle your products in various ways to form new products, like gift baskets, hampers or bulk packs.

If your products have colour and size variants, the system can handle this too and managing them couldn’t be easier.
The inbuilt product matrix allows you to add any product and instantly replicate the product details across a specific size and colour range. The size ranges can be customised for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes, while the colour range can include any colour that you like. For each size and colour of a particular product you can enter in your stock level, as well as minimum and maximum order level.
This ensures that you are ordering the correct number of each item – which is especially useful if you sell more of a particular size or colour.

Build Customer Loyalty

The built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will automatically record all of your customer data to use for marketing (where applicable) and loyalty purposes (existing customer information can even be imported into the system).

Using predefined and customised reports, you can analyse customer behaviour to help increase repeat business and customer satisfaction. Loyalty cards can be issued for customers to earn points, redeem special offers or membership discounts, and customers can even be allocated tabs or credit to encourage repeat business.

You will also have the ability to schedule promotions according to day of the week and hour of the day to attract more customers, increase sales with repeated visits, build customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.
We can also connect to your existing third party loyalty systems to give you the ability to create marketing lists to mail shot your customer base special offers.

What’s more, our system has a revolutionary feature which emails customers their receipt and then asks them to rate your level of service after a sale. This gives you an indication of where your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to customer service and lets you know you current customer satisfaction rating.


The Epos Now AppStore is the first of its kind. You will find a vast collection of apps to extend the functionality of your EPOS system to streamline processes and scale your business, most are offered entirely free of charge.

You will find apps created by our in-house software developers as well as third-party certified developers. Some apps are standalone and extend the functionality of the system for all aspects of your business, such as customer loyalty, accounting, payroll, stock control and reporting.
Additionally, the AppStore includes many integrations with web services you already use, including Zaper mobile payments, Caterbook hotel PMS, Appointeed online booking, WordPress, Zapier and Mailchimp.

We are adding new apps every month; this coupled with our constant platform updates means you always stay one step ahead of the competition.

App Store integrations

Weighing Scale Integration

Our unique weighing scale integration makes selling products by weight simple. Increase revenue and reduce waste, without having to learn complicated new systems.

The FX120 Avery Berkel Scales are a free-standing or flush mounted weight only scale at just 87mm high to enable easy counter integration. These Avery Berkel Scales are an industry standard and are capable of supporting products of up to 15kg. This scale will integrate perfectly with any EPoS system.

Advanced table plan

Our advanced table management system is completely customisable to your floor plan to ensure better customer service and staff productivity. Even if tables or chairs need to be moved around from night to night, changes can be made to the floor plan instantaneously using the drag and drop functionality, easing the job for hosts, servers, and managers and allowing them to focus on what matters most – the customers. You can even split and transfer the bill between tables. Reservations can quickly be allocated to ensure no double bookings and the number of covers and bill amount per table can be easily recorded for reporting purposes. Our system can even integrate with your website’s booking system, and mobile booking apps.

Remote Table Service

Using a combination of kitchen/bar printers and handheld ordering tablets speeds up service and rapidly increases staff productivity. Save your staff from having to waste time going back and forth to a fixed terminal, improve your operation by order taking at tableside and more accurately recording orders and seat numbers, and manage functions such as stock takes on the go. Staff can also explain and sell menu items and promotions, and with access to specials and ingredients, can provide instant answers to customer enquiries. This will instantly boost customer satisfaction and enable staff to up-sell and cross-sell in the moment rather than wasting that time running back and forth to the kitchen or bar.

E-commerce website integration

Our web integration helps you grow your business while keeping your back-office management simple. Integrating with your Epos system gives you a single view of all of your sales, reports, inventory and customers, be they in-store or online. The benefits of integrating your Epos Now back office with your website:

Chip & Pin Integration

Payment is made easier than ever before by connecting your card machine directly to your Epos system.



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Very pleased with the service received at Deal Beach Parlours

Very pleased with the service we have received. Garry was excellent in everything he did, made everything really easy for us, he has been on hand to help with everything. 5 stars not enough really.
Very pleased with the service we have received. Garry was excellent in everything he did, made everything really easy for us, he has been on hand to help with everything. 5 stars not enough really.

Fantastic Service

Saved lots of money & easy to use.

Had a slight glitch but Karen was on hand and dealt with it amazingly so the aftersales would get 6stars if I could 🙂
Saved lots of money & easy to use. Had a slight glitch but Karen was on hand and dealt with it amazingly so the aftersales would get 6stars if I could 🙂

Fabulous Service

We are very pleased with our salesman, Garry, and everything he has done for us in transferring over and getting us on a better plan than our previous supplier. We have had excellent communication from him and would recommend him without hesitation to our other local tradespeople.
We are very pleased with our salesman, Garry, and everything he has done for us in transferring over and getting us on a better plan than our previous supplier. We have had excellent communication from him and would recommend him without hesitation to our other local tradespeople.
Rated Great On Trustpilot