Is your business suffering due to your merchant service provider?

//Is your business suffering due to your merchant service provider?

Is your business suffering due to your merchant service provider?

If you are like many business owners, there’s a good chance that you’ve been bombarded with sales calls from people in the merchant services industry. Most often they want you to make a switch from your current provider and they always claim they can save you more money.

So why should you switch to First Payment Merchant Services?

If your business is suffering due to your present merchant solutions provider, then the decision to switch is simple. It’s important, therefore, to know how your current choice is affecting your business and to be aware of your options.  By switching to us you benefit from the following:

Better Customer Service

Having your credit card terminal go down in the middle of the lunch rush could be problematic. Even worse when you can’t even get the issue resolved because your current providers’ response times are so poor. At First Payments we provide you with a system that is fit for your need and is reliable. Of course, any solution can go down but with our Customer Service and Support Teams we will work with you to find the fault and have you back up and running.

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A relationship that’s more growth-oriented

Every business has plans for growth in one way or another. One business owner may not be interested in increasing customer volume but craves a boost in average ticket value. Another business may simply aim to reduce costs and increase lifetime customer value and customer loyalty. Whatever your goal, First Payment and your local account manager will always be on hand to help you achieve it in a way that’s aligned with your unique business needs.


Better features at a better price

If your current card processing equipment limits what your business can achieve, then First Payments can help with their modern point-of-sale systems that provide state-of-the-art functionality. These machines take the checkout process to a whole new level. Indeed, the latest POS technology goes far beyond the basics of inventory management and book keeping functionality. They help your business market better, operate smoother, and increase customer satisfaction – all on autopilot. If you’re current provider isn’t providing the best, most cost-effective solutions for your business, then make the switch to First Payments who will make a difference with its merchant services that will substantially enrich your bottom line.

If you are looking to save money on your merchant services then get in touch today by calling 01276  782205 or connect with your local account manager and request a call back Click Here

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