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Visuals Are Important… Quick and easy identification of menu items and order modifications at the point of sale is paramount in not only a quality guest experience but the overall profitability of the restaurant. FPMS’s highly configurable screens make things easy to find just the way you need. Graphical table layouts gives your staff the ability to visualize the status of the restaurant, and even each table, at every stage of meal service. You can create multiple standard room layouts and then you can change them on the fly or even schedule the changes in order to accommodate large parties and events.

Making Guests Happier… Turn up the value of the customer experience. Create unlimited promotions, schedule price discounts, and communicate them with email and SMS to get people in the door. Then with features like table and seat tracking you can improve customer service levels so servers or runners don’t have to auction off food at the table. Program automated alerts for things like a table not being attended to for X amount of minutes. Splitting checks is usually a pain, but not with FPMS. You will have to see it to believe how easy it is to split checks and combine checks. And by the way, you will have the ability to tag tables for VIPs and regulars.

The Keys To The Kitchen… Perfect communication between the kitchen and the floor staff during service times is vital. Clear orders and special modifications to orders are a breeze with FPMS restaurant POS systems. With Kitchen Printers or a Kitchen Display Systems each station can get the information they need to make the order just as requested by the guest. And if one of the printers goes down – we’ve got the redundancy programmed in to send orders to backups or even the receipt printer at the server station. Ordering and recipes for inventory is a snap. You can even receive inventory on a mobile device if you wish. It’s multilingual capable as well.

Convenience and Visibility… Tracking tips, bar tabs, and customer or member accounts in our system is not only convenient but extremely valuable. Packed with in depth standard reports you can also create reports just the way you need to evaluate promotions, sales, food cost, waste, and inventory.

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