EPOS- The Restaurants Journey

//EPOS- The Restaurants Journey

EPOS- The Restaurants Journey

In todays modern world technology is everywhere and restaurants are no different. The introduction of EPOS machines has changed the whole diners experience from Reservation to Bill

As with everything we expect to be able to book online and when it comes to dining out a restaurant needs to have technology to offer this service.

Once the dinner has arrived and seated the technology continues from ordering sometimes with a waiter having a tablet or the old way can still have a place with a traditional notepad and then entered into the EPOS System away from the table.


Which every way the smooth transition from Order to Kitchen in the EPOS will ensure the chef doesn’t need to read someone’s handwriting and the wrong order arriving at the table and also with date stamping ensure orders are completed in correct order so the customer isn’t waiting hours becomes their order slipped accidentally to the back of the pile.

The technology doesn’t stop there its time for the bill and with the EPOS system in place it allows a fully itemised bill to be provided and payment either cash or via wireless card machine. Epos can also allow for loyalty programs to be run ensuring that valuable repeat business

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So is your restaurant still on paper and pens? Do you struggle to work out your margins? Does your restaurant have proper stock control?

Speak to the experts today. Our friendly team of advisors can discuss your needs and provide a simple solution to take your restaurant forward

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