Is it time for a new EPOS system?

//Is it time for a new EPOS system?

Is it time for a new EPOS system?

open-sign-1309682_1920An effective EPOS system will record information about your sales, inventory, customers, and employees so you can manage your business more efficiently. But how old is your EPOS system? do you even remember when you got it or a time when your EPOS system was at the cutting edge of technology.

If you can’t answer that last question or it was some time ago, chances are that your EPOS system needs an upgrade.

If you’re not sure whether or not you need a point of sale upgrade continue reading to see the benefits of new EPOS system and compare them to your current one.

EPOS SYSTEMYour EPOS Has Limits to its Functionality

The should be able to enjoy the age of cloud-based EPOS as a business owner, you should have the ability to access business information from anywhere. Having the ability to get an overview of your business from your smartphone and being able to choose your own payment structure should be part of your EPOS system.

EPOS SYSTEMSoftware is Slow, Complicated or Insecure

One of the most obvious signs your EPOS system is outdated is the speed and ease of use, customers shouldn’t have to wait while the process drags on and if their transaction is going to even go through. Continually rebooting the system is a clear indicator that the system should be replaced.

EPOS SYSTEMCustomer Experience Not as Good as it Could be

A good EPOS system should have customer-focused features such as website integration, loyalty points, promotions, customer profiles, and the ability to connect all your sales channels. Having the facility to look up transaction data, including past purchases offers that more personalised shopping experience.

EPOS SYSTEMModern Methods of Payment

So, you offer a variety of payment options but are these current and inclusive of new technology which is becoming more and more popular. By accepting new types of payments like Apple or Android Pay and offers customers the opportunity to utilize their preferred payment option and not alienate customers. Having the ability to offer these payment options along with the other benefits can give you that edge over any competitors as you can provide a superior customer service and experience.

At First Payment Merchant Services we offer bespoke EPOS systems with a wide range of capabilities and functions to compliment your business.  Contact our team today on 01276 782205 to find out more.

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