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EPOS in Retail

  • What is an EPOS?

Electronic Point of Sale or EPOS is the evolution of tills and cash registers, bringing them into the 21st century. Technology has advanced so much and continues to do so driven by our demands to make our lives easier and be able to access information in the palm of our hands. EPOS in retail is no different, as well as its primary function as a point of sale you can equip EPOS with a range of applications suitable for your business needs.

  • EPOS in retail – What can an EPOS do for my shop?

A better question would be what do you want it to do? A good EPOS system will have the ability to add functions that you require and would assist in the daily running of your business. Time is a valuable commodity especially when you’re running a business and having an all in one EPOS that can take care or reduce time spent doing tasks is invaluable. EPOS systems can minimise the risk of human error when it comes to product pricing, discounts and stock level which can be tracked remotely when your away from the business.

An EPOS should be tailored to your shop and regardless to your trade should not cost you up front but rather save you month on month.  A good system will save you time and money in all industries: –

     Retail     Hair & Beauty        Butcher      Motor Trade      Traders      Supermarkets      Restaurant      Hotels      Bar      Pharmacy

Once your needs are established your EPOS system will help you, in short: –

  • Improve your profit margins
  • Maximise your staff performance
  • Simplify stock management and ordering
  • Reduce fraud and risk

As every shop is different it is important you engage with a knowledgeable and experienced consultant that attends your shop and understands what you need for improvements.  Purchasing an EPOS system for your shop is important and must be fit for purpose – you will not gain this over the telephone or ordering online.

  • What does my EPOS link to?

 A short answer is that your EPOS can be tailored to integrate with all of your business applications – everything from accounting, marketing, loyalty programs, stocktaking, ticketing and more. Our EPOS system uses an Appstore with hundreds of web applications that you already use that can be integrated within the system

  • How much does an EPOS cost?

The cost of your EPOS is exclusive to you and depends on what functionality you require in the system. As a guide we have a tablet solution which starts from £49+VAT per month and a Complete Solution from £100+VAT per month. An additional cost for software, support and training is also applicable which maintains your EPOS and keeps the software secure and up to date. This is essential in future proofing your EPOS and provides an online encrypted backup of your full system. With our EPOS systems we have engineers throughout the UK and if necessary provide next day hardware replacement.

A new EPOS system does not always require an upfront cost, many suppliers will now offer a contract which in many cases is better.

  • How do I order an EPOS?

Ordering an EPOS that one size fits all will not benefit your business, we will meet you and establish your requirements before our in-house technical team create the perfect EPOS for you.  Our EPOS systems are fully scalable which means additional systems or features can be added as you require them. This award-winning system has been affording retail businesses reduced costs, increasing profitability and peace of mind since start up in 2011.

Contact us today to find out how our EPOS can assist you and your business.

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