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EPOS Checklist

EPOS ChecklistIf you’re looking to invest in a new EPOS system or looking to upgrade from your current one we’re here to help. At First Payment Merchant Services we are customer focused and the best way we can demonstrate this is to provide you with an EPOS checklist to assist you in your decision. We encourage you to look at other providers as we are confident in our state-of-the-art systems with its market leading software that are second to none.

We have created a guide to assist you in finding the right system for you and your business that will arm you with the right questions to ask and what to consider when choosing your EPOS.

To start we have created a checklist of things to consider about finding the perfect EPOS system that will compliment your business.

Once your checklist is complete we will arm you with the specific questions you need to ask any EPOS/point of sale providers to ensure you are getting the whole picture. These questions are important before you make your decision and invest your time and money into a system that may not deliver your expectations.

At the end of this process, you’re going to be set up with the knowledge to make an informed decision on the best EPOS system for you and your business.

EPOS Checklist

This checklist is designed to narrow down the type of EPOS system with the functionality required for your business.

If this is your first EPOS system

Make a wish list and write down the must-have features and your “nice-to-have” features that you require in the system. Think about the functionality that is required to achieve what you want to do with your new EPOS system.

Switching from your current EPOS provider

Pros and cons are the key points here, being able to identify any problems you’re having or top features that your existing EPOS gives you.

Barcode Scanner

Outline what your budget is for the EPOS system and be sure to take into account any up-front costs as well as monthly fees. You should have a good indication from your previous system on the costs involved and what you are getting for your money.

COMPARE, get online and research all available EPOS systems available to you. There are many to choose from but compare the functionality, features, security, upgrade ability and do not just focus on cost. It is true what they say “you get what you pay for”

Read customer reviews, this is one of the best ways to determine what other business owners are saying about these EPOS systems in a live environment.

Ask fellow business owners, who do they use and what are their opinions? Look within your business sector to find what is and isn’t popular or functional but be critical and make an informed decision.

By now you should have gathered enough information to make an educated decision on what systems are suitable for your business. This should take into consideration the criteria you require from the checklist.

Request a demo to see them in action, reputable companies should be able to give you an in-depth, personalised demo based on your requirements and business sector. This is your chance to test functionality and to ensure the right features are included or should be added.

EPOSQuestions to consider when looking at EPOS systems:

Is the EPOS system easy to set up?

Is the EPOS system affordable?

Can I access my Epos system from anywhere?

How is the customer support from the EPOS provider?

How does the EPOS system integrate with my card machine and does it allow me to choose my own credit card processor?

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