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Chip and Pin Products


First Payment Merchant Service work with the two largest providers of chip and pin terminals in the world. Fundamentally we choose the best of breed. The VeriFone and Ingenico are top of the range counter top devices that will serve the requirements of most retailers and small to medium sized businesses. Features include:

  • Internet connectivity for faster payments
  • Contactless technology for up to date payment methods
  • Over the telephone payment capability for customer not present transactions
VX520 Counter Top Device
ICT250 Counter Top Device


Sticking with our ethos of only using the best of breed, First Payments have selected to use the Ingenico IWL 221 portable device. This device is small and compact and ideal for any hospitality scenario whether it be a bar, a restaurant or a club.

The Bluetooth connectivity enables to keep your infrastructure simple and avoid common PCI DSS pitfalls whilst the software is in-depth in the functions that it can provide to you. Features include:

  • Staff ID so that you can see the activity of your staff
  • Tips so that you can track who has paid what
  • Pre-authorisation so that you know tabs can be paid at the end of the evening
IWL 221 Portable Device


First Payments recognise that remaining connected in the most demanding situations, even on-the-go, whilst increasing productivity and maximizing revenue opportunities are crucial aims in today’s ever-changing business environments.

This is why we have selected the VeriFone VX680G and the Ingenico IWL 222 for this exact purpose. Both provide market leading GPRS technology that will allow you to take places in some of the most rural locations. Features include:

  • GPRS connectivity so that you can go anywhere and your customers can pay anywhere
  • Contactless technology for up to date payment methods
  • Staff ID so that you can see the activity of your staff
IWL 221 Portable Device
VX 680B Portable Device

If you are interested in any of the above products then please schedule time with your local business advisor by calling 01276605690

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