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Contactless Payments

All major contactless payment methods accepted. Contactless payments are a great way to speed up service and reducing queues with a contactless card machine. Your customers pay with a single tap. Read our FAQ’s for more information on Apple Pay, Google Pay and Android Pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we accept contactless payments?

Contactless transactions were introduced in 2007 and there are no around 120 million contactless cards in circulation. We are now spending about £3.36 Billion per month on contactless transactions. It is really a Must Have!

How does contactless work?

Contactless cards use short range wireless technology which sends information to the payment machine. It is the same technology used by Apple and Android Pay and Google Pay. The transaction limit of £30 increases security for the customer while the speed of payment reduces waiting time. There is no pin number to enter and it is far quicker than a regular payment

Can you explain the Jargon?

RFID is Radio Frequency Identification
NFC is Near Field Communication

These are the technologies that sends the information to the payment machine

What is the contactless payment limit?

The current contactless limit is £30 per transaction. This limit can be increased by contacting the bank

How much does this amazing technology cost?

All First Payment terminals come with contactless as standard and Is included in the price.

Apple pay is a contactless payment system using an Apple device. You can use the device like a contactless card to pay in store or online. You make payment by holding the mobile device near to the card terminal. Payment is made using RFID ( Radio Frequency identification) or NFC ( Near Field Communication)

Is Apple Pay secure?

Apple pay uses the security of fingerprint technology and customers validate their transactions by pressing the device’s home button with their thumb. No need for a Pin Code!

Apple Pay helps prevent fraudulent payments which also saves the retailer from a potential chargeback fee.

How can I accept Apple Pay?

All up to date terminals accept Apple Pay as standard. There are nearly 7 million Apple users in the UK so this is a Must-Have for a modern business

How much does it cost to accept Apple Pay?

There is no additional charge to accept Apple Pay and the service is free to Apple customers

What cards work with Apple Pay?

All major cards can be used in combination with Apple Pay and the original cards do not have to be contactless

Android pay is similar to Apple Pay and is a mobile payment system that allows customers to pay for goods via their mobile phone or tablet. It is being updated to Google Pay

Do I need to take it?

This will be a massive growth area over the next couple of years and speed of payment and shortening of queues will be the main benefit. No more fiddling about in your wallet looking for your contactless card

Google pay (formerly Pay with Google and Android Pay) is a system developed by Google to power in-app and tap to pay purchases. You can make payments with your Android phone, Tablet or watch.

How does Google Pay work?

Google pay uses NFC (Near field communication) to transmit card information to pay the retailer. It replaces the Chip and Pin transaction at the point of sale by allowing the user to upload these in their Google pay wallet.

How Secure is Google Pay?

Google pay is similar to a contactless payment but with the added security of physical authentication such as fingerprint ID where applicable. On devices without fingerprint ID Google pay is activated with a passcode. When a customer makes a payment to a retailer Google pay does not send the card number but instead sends a virtual token representing the customer’s account information.