Business Tips

Business Tips

Eating out is more popular than ever due to cost, diversity and with so many establishments to choose from it makes sense to eat out more often.

In this increasingly competitive market, you and your business need to stand out from the rest in order to succeed. At First Payment Merchant Services we have created this blog to assist you in your new venture and hopefully offer some valid tips along the way.

You obviously have the passion to open your restaurant, cafe or food establishment but is that all you need to ensure business longevity in this sector? Good food is what you will be known for so let start here, great produce with reasonable prices is good starting point although without great kitchen staff this will mean nothing. Great tasting food and an inviting environment is what customers want, and to keep these customers returning you must maintain this standard.

Do Your Homework

Industry knowledge is a major factor to insure your business is a success. You may have tasty food but if your surrounded with other establishments selling similar products what will make you stand out from the rest? Having a strong marketing plan and sticking to is essential in the hospitality sector to engage with customers and to get your brand out there. Not all marketing plans will work but understanding your business, customers and finding what channels work for your will help you moving in the right direction.

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Customer Loyalty

Repeat business is what we all want but let’s not forget about attracting new customers to our business. There are a number of ways this can be done we already touched on marketing, but have you thought about promotions or incentives. Another good way to attract and keep customers is having the right payment options available in this ever-increasing cashless society. Contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay, NFC these are what customers expect and by not having these payment options your limiting your business potential.

Your Team

Staff are key to the success of your business but not only the kitchen team that make your amazing food. The first point of contact before they taste your food will be the front of house staff, this team sets the standard in welcoming the customers making them feel comfortable and welcomed. Clear communication between the front of house team and the kitchen is paramount so orders are correct and prepared quickly and efficiently. This experience then builds when they order the food which you know tastes great, combined the kitchen and front of house staff are the foundation to your business.


First Payment Merchant Services are here to work with you to ensure your business is a success by providing the payment solutions customers expect, Epos that communicates between front of house and the kitchen, Epos that promotes customer loyalty programs to keep the repeat business, Epos that incorporates marketing for your business and a system that your staff can operate confidently and with ease.

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