Best Card Machine for Small Business UK

///Best Card Machine for Small Business UK

Best Card Machine for Small Business UK

What is the best card machine for small businesses? Wow what a question, here’s another who scored the best goal this season? These questions would be answered differently by everyone you asked and is based on their preference. At First Payment Merchant Services (FPMS) we know that a certain type of card machine will not suit everyone’s needs, that’s why we have a range of products and solutions that compliment your business.

If you are new to card machines or require an upgrade there are things you should consider ensuring you get the right one for your business. This does not only come down to cost or functionality as your business premises or type plays a major factor in choosing the card machine most suitable for your needs.

Types of Card Machines

There are three main types of card machineFixed, Portable and Mobile. Choosing the correct type of terminal compliments your business to ensure payments are taken with ease.

  • Fixed card machine work from a fixed location – perfect for businesses where transactions are processed from a dedicated sales counter. Fixed card machines work via dial up (your phone line) or through an Ethernet cable (broadband). Additionally, a countertop card machine has a small footprint helping it fit neatly on most counters.
  • Portable card machines give you flexibility when processing payments away from your counters within a wireless range. The use of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi technology allows the card machine to be removed from its docking station and taken to the customer for payment. By using this method, it offers quick payments for customers as they don’t have to wait at a single pay point with every other customer. These devices have a built-in battery which allows you to take payments all day long.
  • Mobile card machines have a SIM card just like a mobile phone, so you can take the device out and about. The mobile terminal requires a phone signal in order for them to work. With so many different mobile providers across the UK offering different levels of coverage it’s impossible to say who would be most suitable. At First Payment Merchant Services our mobile card machines are installed with a roaming sim card which changes to different networks in order to get the best possible mobile signal.

Considerations – WIFI signal and strength in the premises, layout and size which may affect range, and would an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) assist your business.

With so many types and brands to choose from such as Ingenico, Verifone, Pax, Paypal, Stripe, iZettle, PayPoint and Sumup its difficult to find the right one for your business. This is where our experts step in and suggest the best product that will suit the needs of your business.

Costs involved with Card Machines

There are a number of costs involved with Card Machines, by making sure you use reputable provider such as First Payment Merchant Services you won’t be kept in the dark when it comes to the cost and charges involved. The main costs are for the actual Card Machine and the transaction fee of the payment which can fluctuate depending on the payment method.

FPMS Top Tip….

Don’t be fooled with the offer of a Free Card Machine as these usually involve increased transaction rates to recuperate the actual cost of the Card Machine. There has been an increase in small hand held card readers such as iZettle and PayPal, whilst cost effective for micro organisations these payment solutions are not suitable if the business takes payments over £1000 per month.

We offer the latest range of payments methods in our Card Machines including Contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. Contact us today to find out more.

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